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Being hit by a large truck can be devastating. Severe injuries can require lengthy medical treatment and keep you out of work for months. Your life can change in an instant, but recovering compensation from a truck accident can be difficult. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Vaughan & Vaughan can help.

Large semi-trucks, or tractor-trailers, are a common sight on the roads in and around Indiana. We sometimes barely notice them. But a negligent truck driver creates a danger on the road that can quickly lead to an accident with multiple injuries or even fatalities.

Recovering compensation after being hurt in a truck accident can be extremely complex. That's why you need an experienced truck accident attorney fighting for you. Our law firm has been representing people injured in accidents throughout Indiana since 1913. With offices in Lafayette, Indianapolis, Carmel, Muncie, Kokomo, and Anderson, we have handled countless truck accidents throughout the state. we know the obstacles trucking companies and insurance companies put up to prevent people from getting the compensation they deserve.

Truck accidents are difficult cases for many reasons. The injuries in these accidents are often catastrophic, and there is often a lot of money at stake. Truck drivers and trucking companies often deny responsibility. Insurance companies fight hard to keep payments as low as possible. And all these parties have their own lawyers looking out for them.

We don't back down

That's why you need an attorney who has taken on trucking companies and insurance companies and has a record of results. We know the challenges people face after being hurt in a truck accident. And we have obtained financial compensation for them through negotiated settlements and jury verdicts.

Our legal team can investigate your truck accident to get the facts. We regularly review all documentation, including police reports and medical records. We demand access to evidence in the possession of the trucking company, including safety and employment records, and black box data. We interview all witnesses and if needed, consult with accident reconstruction experts.

Some truck accidents occur because the driver was negligent. For example, the driver was distracted while operating the semi-truck, fell asleep at the wheel, was speeding or was operating the truck under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

But the trucking company may also have been responsible for the accident. They may have hired a driver who was not qualified to drive a big rig. They may have failed to keep the truck properly maintained, or neglected to make a needed repair. Or, they may have given the driver an unrealistic delivery schedule.

Focused on getting the best outcome

Insurance companies are eager to make truck accident cases go away, so they may make you an initial settlement offer. But this is typically a lowball offer that does not even come close to meeting the total damages you have suffered.

That's why we focus on building the strongest case we can, so we can get our clients the best possible outcome. When insurance companies see that we are serious about fighting for you, they often agree to sit down and negotiate. But if they won't agree to a settlement that meets your needs, we will be ready to take them to court.

If you've been injured in a truck accident, talk to an experienced truck accident attorney. Call us at 765-742-0056 for a free consultation. Contact our law firm today. Our offices are in Lafayette, Indianapolis, Carmel, Muncie, Kokomo, and Anderson, and we represent truck accident victims statewide.

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