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If the government asserts eminent domain and wishes to take your private property for public purposes, you have a few rights, but you must act quickly! As a property owner, you can challenge the government's right to take your property. You also have the right to compensation for the property. You need someone on your side who knows the eminent domain process inside and out. You need a firm with the experience and knowledge to help you through this complicated legal process. Whether you are seeking to challenge the government's right to take your property or you want to ensure you are paid the compensation you deserve, contact the experienced condemnation lawyers at Vaughan and Vaughan in Lafayette, IN. Don’t delay, call us today!

If the government is taking your land, you deserve a fair market price, not what they are offering. We have extensive experience in litigation eminent domain cases in Indiana, and can get you the fair price you deserve for your property when the government asserts its eminent domain rights.

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