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How can I recover damages after a multi-vehicle car accident?

Asleep at the wheel accident

Some of the largest roadway catastrophes in Indiana involve multiple vehicles. Some may involve as few as three cars, others involve large semi-trucks or a chain reaction of several vehicles.

Multiple-vehicle crashes can occur any time when several vehicles are sharing the same road. A crash scene involving several vehicles is often catastrophic and takes long hours to investigate.

The aftermath of a multi-vehicle crash can be even worse. That's because many people could have sustained injuries. That means multiple insurance companies will be involved in your claim. An experienced car accident attorney can help simplify the process.

What factors lead to multi-vehicle car accidents?

There are certain factors that can significantly increase the risk of a multi-vehicle crash. The most common factors include:

  • Adverse weather – Snow, rain, ice, wind, and fog are all weather-related factors that can disrupt traction and visibility.
  • Speed – Many multi-vehicle crashes occur on highways, where some drivers have little-to-no time to stop.
  • Traffic congestion – The more cars there are on the road, the more likely a multi-vehicle crash will occur. The risk may increase during morning or evening rush hours.
  • Traffic stopped – Multi-vehicle pileups often occur when traffic comes to a complete stop on a high-speed road, around a curve, or on a hill. Drivers often don't have anywhere to go to get out of the way.
  • Construction zones – Construction zones can cause traffic to back up on major roads. Drivers who speed or drive distracted are at risk of causing a crash when traffic slows down or merges into a single lane.

Multiple vehicle crashes are more complex than two-car crashes

It can be difficult to determine who was at fault in a multiple vehicle crash. The clue could be the negligent actions of one driver, or possibly two drivers. It takes a thorough investigation into the crash to truly determine who was at fault.

With multiple insurance companies involved, the aftermath of a multi-vehicle crash gets highly complex. The insurance companies would rather settle each claim as quickly as possible. They may accomplish this by offering low-ball settlements to injured parties. These settlements barely cover the cost of medical treatment, wage loss, and other damages.

That's why you should only speak to your own insurance company to report your crash. Keep your comments to a minimum. If another insurance company tries to contact you, simply redirect them to an experienced Indiana car accident attorney at Vaughan & Vaughan.

We know how to investigate multi-vehicle crashes, deal with insurance companies on your behalf, and help maximize your chances of receiving a fair financial settlement.

To find out how we can help you, contact us online or call our Lafayette office at 765-742-0056. We offer free, confidential case evaluations.

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