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Kokomo has a long, rich history involving its large, natural gas reserves, its early role in the automobile industry and other engineering innovations. No wonder this Indiana city earned the nickname the “City of Firsts.”

Unfortunately, accidents happen here, too. When they do, it’s critical that you take legal action right away. Otherwise, you could end up having to pay for your accident-related expenses even if someone else clearly caused your accident.

We can help you every step of the way at Vaughan & Vaughan. Founded in 1913, our law firm has more than a century of experience obtaining sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims and their families.

Learn more about your legal rights. Contact us and schedule a free consultation at our law firm’s Kokomo office. We’re conveniently located on North Washington Street a few blocks away from the Howard County Courthouse.

How much is my accident claim worth?

There’s no set dollar amount when it comes to accident claims. Similar accidents can be worth dramatically more than each other. That’s often because of the big difference in accident-related expenses. It’s important to take into account all expenses, not just short-term ones. You need to factor in any long-term bills or expenses associated with your injury. This is because you often only have one opportunity to obtain all the compensation you need for the rest of your life. Such expenses can include:

  • Medical bills, immediately after your accident and in the future. This is especially true if you or a loved one has long-term health care needs as a result of your accident.
  • Replacement income during your recovery.
  • Lost future income if you cannot return to work due to your injury.
  • Pain and suffering in certain circumstances.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all of these issues on your own. An attorney can calculate the estimated financial impact of your accident, then demand the maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

Who can I sue if someone else caused my accident?

In most cases, you will seek to obtain financial compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company. This is because Indiana has a fault-based insurance system. If the insurance company denies your claim or makes a lowball settlement offer, you may want to consider filing a lawsuit against the insurance company to obtain the money you deserve.

You may also want to consider taking legal action against anyone else who may have been responsible for your accident. This may include a business owner, especially if you’re dealing with a slip and fall accident or negligent security claim. The bottom line is you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior.

It’s also important to realize that you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action in Indiana. By law, you can only file a lawsuit within two years of your accident. If you miss that deadline (known as the statute of limitations), you could miss out on your opportunity to obtain the compensation you deserve. That’s why it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Why should I hire a Kokomo personal injury lawyer?

There are so many reasons why you should consider hiring an attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident. Your lawyer can help in many different ways, including:

  • Filling out any official forms related to your accident.
  • Conducting an independent investigation of your accident.
  • Consulting with experts (medical, accident reconstruction, etc.) as part of your investigation.
  • Negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company for the maximum financial compensation.
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary.
  • Representing you at all court appearances if your case goes to trial.

The stakes are high when it comes to many injury accidents. Make sure you take your case seriously right from the start. Make sure you talk to a lawyer you can trust to learn more about the legal options available to you.

Cases we handle at our law firm

Our attorneys handle a wide range of legal cases in Kokomo and throughout Indiana. Such cases often involve:

Whatever type of accident you’re dealing with, you can count on our legal team to mount a strong legal defense and demand the compensation you deserve. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with us. Our Kokomo office is conveniently located on North Washington Street near Jefferson Street.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen fast. But the consequences can last weeks, months or sometimes for the rest of someone’s life. That’s why it’s critical that injury victims and their families take their car crash seriously right from the start. Our experienced, Kokomo lawyers know exactly what to do. That’s because we have years of experience dealing with complicated legal cases involving auto accidents. So whether you’re dealing with a concussion caused by a collision on East Sycamore Street or whiplash caused by a rear-end accident on East Carter Street, you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way. Whether it’s dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company on your behalf or taking legal action to obtain compensation for you, our legal team has you covered.

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Truck Accidents

Accidents caused by commercial truck drivers often cause severe injuries. That’s because most commercial vehicles – including 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and delivery trucks – are often significantly larger than most other vehicles on the road. If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, we can help. Our Kokomo attorneys have years of experience dealing with such complex legal cases. We know the state and federal laws that apply specifically to commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. We know how to deal with trucking companies and demand evidence related to such accidents. If necessary, we can also take legal action on your behalf against the trucking company or anyone else that was responsible for your crash. We’re the law firm you want when it matters most.

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Motorcycle Accidents

When another driver causes a motorcycle accident, many drivers try to blame the motorcyclist for causing the collision. Worst of all, some insurance companies believe them. That’s because some people think all motorcyclists are reckless thrill seekers. We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists follow the rules of the road. It’s other drivers who are often to blame for causing such collisions. That’s why we take such cases so seriously at our law firm. We believe strongly in holding people accountable for their actions – and that includes reckless drivers. When you have an experienced Kokomo motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm on your side, you can take an aggressive stance right from the start. We know how to find the facts of the matter. We know how to build strong legal cases. So whether you’re dealing with a crash caused by a distracted driver on East Boulevard or an accident caused by a speeding driver on County Road, you can count on us in Kokomo.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims in Kokomo can cover a wide range – from slip and fall accidents at a restaurant or store on South Reed Road to a premises liability case (dog bite, negligent security attack, etc.) on South Apperson Way. Whatever type of case you’re dealing with, you can count on our Kokomo personal injury attorneys to be your voice for justice and demand the compensation you deserve. We understand how the legal system works in Indiana. We know what strategies can often be the most effective. That’s why we consistently obtain sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims and their families. We also handle wrongful death claims and cases involving injuries on college campuses in Indiana. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we’re here to help you get your life back on track.

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From the North

Take US 31 South.
Take Exit 167 for IN-931 toward Kokomo.
Drive to North Washington Street in Kokomo.
Continue onto Indiana 931.
Take a slight right.
Continue straight onto North 00 E W.
Continue onto North Washington Street.
Our office is on the right.

From the South

Take US 31 North.
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 156 for IN-931 toward Kokomo.
Continue on IN-931. Drive to N Washington St in Kokomo.
Continue onto IN-931.
Turn left onto East Alto Road.
Turn right onto South Lafountain Street.
Slight left onto South Washington Street.
Continue straight onto North Washington Street.
Our office is on the left.

From the East

Take US 35 North.
Turn right onto County Rd N 300 E/N Hardbeck Road.
Turn left onto East 50 North.
Continue onto East Carter Street.
Turn right onto South Reed Road.
Turn left onto East Jefferson Street.
Turn left onto North Washington Street.
Our office is on the right.

From the West

Take Indiana 22 East.
Turn left onto West 100 North.
Continue onto West Jefferson Street.
Turn right onto North Washington Street.
Our office is on the right.

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