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Can Do Not Disturb Features on Prevent Distracted Driving?

Mark Twain is credited with popularizing the saying that “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” If he were alive today, he might amend the phrase to say, “statistics about the use of smartphones while driving.” That’s because the statistics are largely dependent on self-reporting by drivers. In 2017, as cited by the Apple-focused...

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Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Ready To Help As Study Shows Higher Speed Limits On Highways Causing More Fatalities

Nearly 37,000 people died on highways in the past quarter century after speed limits rose than would have been the case if the 55 mph speed limit had been maintained nationwide. That's according to a Consumer Reports article that cited a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an insurance-industry funded group. Road deaths...

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Dizzy, drowsy, unable to stay in lane — opioid-impaired drivers

America's highways stand as the latest danger zone of the opioid epidemic as a new study found drivers on prescription medications are increasingly responsible for crashes - and possibly deaths. "Use of prescription opioids plays a significant role in the causation of fatal motor vehicle crashes," said Guohua Li, director of the Center for Injury...

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Lafayette Attorneys Speak Out on Lagging Traffic Safety Laws

Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, as well as other safety groups, are urging states to implement more highway safety laws. Among those states is Indiana, which, according to a new national report, is lagging when it comes to preventing fatal traffic accidents. Motorcycle helmet laws One law the Hoosier state hasn't implemented is all-rider...

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Lafayette Attorneys Discuss Winter Weather Driving Hazards

Winter in Lafayette, Indiana can be brutal. Not only do we get hit with massive snowstorms (like most of the north), we're also fairly close to the Great Lakes. The lake effect snow bands may be more prominent further north, but they can still impact our roadways.   Highway accidents are bound to happen during hazardous winter weather. In the...

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Lafayette Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Nighttime Driving

The darkest time of the year is here. The roadways in greater Lafayette, Indiana can be difficult to navigate at night. And according to the National Safety Council (NSC), nighttime driving can be especially dangerous due to limited visibility and the risk of drowsy driving. These conditions can increase the likelihood of a car accident occurring.    Limited...

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Driving With A Legal BAC Limit Can Still Be Dangerous To Lafayette Road Users

In 1939, the National Safety Council and the American Medical Association created the first commonly determined blood alcohol content (BAC) to determine if a person was under the influence of alcohol. That number was 0.15.   Today, the legal limit in all 50 states is 0.08, as measured by a Breathalyzer or blood test. But that number could go...

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The Damage Caused by Red Light Runners in Lafayette

We see it all the time: drivers who speed up when a traffic light turns yellow, or ignore red lights altogether. When drivers who are in a hurry fail to uphold their duty of care and stop when a traffic light turns red, other road users can be seriously injured. Red light runners on the...

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