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Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law

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The government has the authority to take private property for public use. This power is called eminent domain, and the process used is called condemnation. As a landowner, you have rights. The condemnation lawyers at Vaughan & Vaughan fight to protect those rights and make sure you are treated fairly.

Nobody wants to lose their land when it's not their choice. But sometimes a government agency has plans to extend an airport runway, expand a road, erect a bridge or build a new highway through the middle of a farm field. And the decision is made to take your land by eminent domain.

You deserve a fair market price when the government wants your land. But that is often not what the government offers. Their offer may be well below fair market value. Government lawyers count on people simply accepting the terms, whether they like it or not. But that is not your only option.

We take your case seriously

If the government asserts eminent domain and wishes to take your private property for public purposes, it's important to get legal advice as soon as possible. As the owner, you can challenge the offer they are making for your land. You may also be able to challenge the government's right to take your property.

You need someone on your side who knows the eminent domain process inside and out. Our firm has extensive experience litigating eminent domain cases in Indiana. We know how to get you the fair price you deserve for your property when the government asserts its eminent domain rights.

Our firm has been fighting for people in Indiana since our founding in 1913. We don't like it when people are taken advantage of, either by insurance companies, corporations or government agencies. We stand up for their rights and help them fight back. Our family firm is still fighting on behalf of other families - and we have the experience that gets results.

Generations of results

People are proud to own land - whether it's been in the family for generations, or they saved to buy it. So they are not happy when the government tells them it's going to be taken away. Making a lowball offer well below the fair market value is adding insult to injury. And we don't put up with it.

You may be told by a government agency that an offer they make for your land is the best they can do. Don't believe them. There is a lot more flexibility in these issues than they would have you believe. Many times, our firm takes these kinds of issues into litigation and gets a better offer for the property.

We consult appraisers who can help us determine the true market value of your property - both current and long-term. We negotiate with the government to help you get a better offer for the land they are seeking. And if they refuse to pay you fair market value, we will fight for you in court.

If the government is moving to take your property through an eminent domain action, contact the experienced condemnation lawyers at Vaughan & Vaughan. Call 765-742-0056 to schedule your free consultation.

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