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Dealing With Auto Insurance Companies

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After a car accident, insurance companies are supposed to help. But they are often only interested in keeping their profits as high as possible. That means they are always looking for ways to pay the injured as little as possible, such as:

  • “Your injuries really aren’t that bad.”
  • “Weren’t you partially to blame for what happened?”
  • “We think you had a pre-existing injury.”
  • “We can work this out between us, you don’t need a lawyer.”
  • “This offer is the best we can do.”

The experienced car accident attorneys at Vaughan & Vaughan help people hurt in car accidents recover the financial compensation they deserve. Our firm has been helping people injured in accidents since 1913. We are very familiar with how insurance companies operate after a car accident. They often dispute claims and use a wide variety of tactics to try to avoid their responsibility. We've dealt with all of these tactics and know how to fight back for our clients.

Key issues in car insurance claims in Indiana

Will the car insurance company pay for all your injuries?

An insurance company may question the extent of your injuries and may even insist that you be examined by a doctor of their choosing. This doctor will be paid by the insurance company and will likely have their best interests in mind, not yours. They may also question whether your injuries were really sustained in the accident. That’s why it’s important to see your own doctor as soon as possible after you’re injured, both to protect your health and your legal rights.

What if you were partially to blame for the car accident?

Indiana is a “fault” state when it comes to auto insurance, using modified comparative negligence with a 51 percent bar. This means you can recover damages from another driver’s insurance only if you are found to be 50 percent responsible or less. This means the insurance company does have financial incentives that might affect their determination of fault for the accident, especially if your injuries are serious.

Can you negotiate with a car insurance company?

Many drivers are unaware that they don’t have to just accept what the insurance company offers. Even if the insurance company says something like “this is the best we can do,” you can and often should negotiate for more. However, the insurance companies are quite adept at negotiation, and any private individual is going to be at a disadvantage trying to take them on alone. Your best option is to talk to a lawyer who has experience dealing with insurance companies and successfully resolving car accident claims.

What happens if there are multiple car insurance companies involved in my accident?

If you were in a multi-vehicle accident or a crash with a commercial vehicle with multiple policies, proceed with extreme caution. Accepting a settlement from one insurance company can affect the others’ liability, as well. Even if the insurance companies are nominally competitors, they may collude to protect their bottom line at your expense. An experienced attorney can help sort out this kind of complex situation.

Should you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company?

There are two things to keep in mind when an insurance company offers you a settlement: their financial incentive is to pay you as little as possible, and once you accept their money, your claim is closed. You can’t go back for more. As such, it’s best to treat any offer from an insurance company as a “low-ball” figure at best. Review any settlement offer with an attorney before you sign.

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An insurance company will conduct their own investigation to strengthen their case and protect their bottom line. They may claim that some of your injuries are not from the accident and are not eligible for compensation. We conduct our own investigation to find evidence that proves your injuries were suffered in the crash and establish the full extent of your losses due to negligence.

We know the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying you fair compensation following your accident. And we don't put up with their games. You deserve better. They have lawyers to help them keep their payments low. You need an experienced lawyer who will fight for your best interests.

Our law firm focuses on building the strongest case possible. We gather evidence and interview witnesses. If needed, we consult with experts who can help us understand how the accident happened. We put together a case the insurance company must take seriously. Then we fight to recover financial compensation.

Call us at 765-742-0056 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney. We can review your case and answer any questions that you have. Contact us today.

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